An Exhibit illustrating the Impact of WWI on North Texas

FREE & Open to the public

07/9/2017 through 10/20/2017

at the Fort Worth Central Library

North Texas Soldiers Making Bread to Feed an Army

“Doughboy” is a general term for solider used since the Mexican American War.

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WWI north texas Timeline 

July 5, 1916

U.S. Army  ordered 13,950 horses, and mules through the Fort Worth Stockyards. Foreign powers were purchasing through the Stockyards for at least a year prior. 

June 18, 1917

Cadet W.K. Carruthers is killed in an airplane accident at Mineola, Texas. It was recommended to rename the field named in his honor. 

November 11, 1918

A parade held on Armistice Day in downtown Fort Worth.

World War I has ended. 


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